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As part of our school-based programming we gift all four of our books (written and illustrated by kids for other kids about having a friend with a disability) for the library and to be shared in classrooms throughout the school year. This website provides books in electronic format and ASL performances, as well as information on where to borrow braille copies, if needed. Please share them to empower and inspire your students to be Mikayla’s Voice and make a difference.

But that is just the beginning… Mikayla’s Bookshelf is full of enrichment lessons:

And the best part? We invite educators (and students!) to submit their ideas to us so we can share with others. Together we can support each in other to create supportive learning environments that build children’s confidence and challenge them to create a better world where everyone enjoys a sense of belonging, feels valued, and has a friend.

Our Friend Mikayla

High Fives and A Big Heart

Super Brady: Always on the Move!

Enrichment Lessons for Grades K-12