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Visual Arts Lessons

Ecosystem Worksheet (3-5)

The students will work on the interdependent relationship in ecosystems with ladybugs.

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Magnets (K-2)

Students will be introduced to the science of magnets, motion and stability and forces and interactions.

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Ecosystem & Ladybugs

Students will be introduced to Interdependent Relationship in Ecosystems and Ladybugs.

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Ladybugs Hatchings (3-5)

Students will be introduced to the Hatchings of Ladybugs, and follow the steps to complete the ladybug diverse life cycle. Observe and describe similarities and differences in the appearance of the ladybugs as they hatch and grow.

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Ladybugs (K-2)

Students will be introduced to the science of ladybugs, their diverse life cycle, different types of plants, how to identify major structures of common plants and animals (e.g. wing, legs, leaves).

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Color Change

A basic introduction to the scientific process and an opportunity for students to build their knowledge of primary & secondary colors.

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Kindness Rocks

Students will paint Mikayla’s Voice ladybugs on to rocks to represent our collective unity and unique differences. These rocks will share a message of kindness and friendship.

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Enrichment Lessons for Grades K-12