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Enrichment Lessons for Grades K-12
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A Platform For All

Designed as a compliment to Mikayla’s Voice school-based inclusive programming, this website provides enrichment lessons to help educators continue the discussion about inclusion, kindness and friendship. Over the school year, Mikayla’s Voice facilitates school-wide inclusion assemblies and an Inclusive Art project: Wheels of Friendship® or Kaya’s Kaleidoscope to be gifted to the school for permanent display after it is unveiled at another school-wide event.

According to the principal at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, “Mikayla’s Voice was so much more to our school than a single project or assembly. It has become a platform for how we talk about our thoughts and feelings. It is a commitment to one another of how we conduct ourselves when people may be different than we are. It is an understanding of how to be purposeful about how we interact with those who have disabilities.”

We are honored that many districts have truly partnered with us, reinforcing our message before, during and after our visits. Our message is about much more than inclusion of children with disabilities. It’s about friendship. Kindness. We talk about including EVERYONE – those with different hair, skin and eye color, those who may struggle with math, enjoy art, or prefer football. Every student should feel valued and welcome at their school – and understand that it’s their responsibility to help others to feel the same!

Our Friend Mikayla

High Fives and A Big Heart

Super Brady: Always on the Move!

Enrichment Lessons for Grades K-12