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Bucket Bounce

Students will take turns bouncing a ball into a target while demonstrating good sportsmanship during and after the game’s completion.

Pennsylvania State Standards: Health, Safety and Physical Education

  • Standard 10.2 – Healthful Living
  • Standard 10.4 – Physical Activity
  • Standard 10.5 – Concepts, Principals and Strategies of Movement

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies: Social Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making

Mikayla’s Voice has greatly missed school-based program delivery, but has been using our time at home to build our “bookshelf.” This website was NOT designed as a replacement for our inclusive programming during school closures. Rather, it has always been our plan to create a collection of valuable enrichment lessons as a compliment to our programming to assist teachers, parents, and students continue the conversation about inclusion, kindness, and friendship in their schools and homes. Children need social and emotional support now more than ever, but these lessons are written for continued use well beyond quarantine. As such, some of the physical education lessons include handshakes or high fives that might not be allowed when students first return to school. Please always follow current CDC guidelines and modify lessons accordingly.

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Enrichment Lessons for Grades K-5