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The Spot

Written and Illustrated by Holden Frye

Over the years Mikayla’s Voice had asked thousands of students if they might write a book about the ladybug in their logo. No luck until they met 10-year-old Holden Frye after delivering an inclusion assembly at Hoover Elementary School. Holden had been interested in writing a book, loved the message and mission of Mikayla’s Voice, and thought this might be the perfect subject for his first book…because we all have a yellow spot®.

Living in the pumpkin patch with her family, life is good for Dot…until one fall day when their house gets picked during a school field trip. Moving can be difficult especially if you are different, and the neighbors in the sunflower field don’t seem very friendly. School proves even worse. Perhaps a different sort of clover – one with four leaves – can finally change Dot’s luck?

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