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Word Banks

All word banks are not created equal, or at least shouldn't be. Create word banks based on the individual needs and strengths of your student(s).

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Passive Assistance

Passive assistance should not be overused, and must be provided in a respectful manner, allowing as much independent effort as possible.

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Hand-under-hand. Put your hand under theirs. Put theirs on top. There are many reasons this is a more effective way to assist students.

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Text to Speech Directions

Students who are unable to read, have visual challenges, and/or learn better with a multisensory approach can use this technology to read aloud text on their digital devices (computers, tablets and smartphones).

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Speech to Text Directions

Speech recognition technology allows students with difficulty handwriting or keyboarding to write words by speaking them aloud. It can also be useful for people with blindness or low vision to give commands and operate their digital devices.

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